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2018-2019 Certified by Walmart as one of its eligible suppliers and the first Taiwan OEM factory of medical consumer products acquiring cGMP and CSR certificates
2016-2017 Establishment of Hui-Xiu Group
-Setting up Group Development Directions

1.Purchase of Xizhi International Headquarters
2.Building of Hsinchu Factory for Production of Medical Appliances – Occupying more than 4500 pings
3.Successful cooperation with Asia’s top two channel groups
4.Successful cooperation with Taiwan’s convenience store systems and various types of channels in Taiwan 
2017 Founded Hui-Xiu Technology Co., Ltd – establish the direction of factory group developing.
2016 1.    Establish international head office.
2.    Built the third medical equipment factory – the medical equipment
       manufactory base.
3.    Built LAITEST Pharmaceutical factory, (PIC/S Compliant).
2016 Move forward to medical biotechnology – invest injection molding factory to produce plastically medical assistive device.
2010-2015 1.    Expanded factory – set up cleanroom class 10,000 for medical face
       mask production.
2.    Organize a chain stores sales team – promoting “R&R” brand products to chain
       medical equipment stores/drug stores/ hypermarkets.
3.    Successes to become the biggest consumer medical equipment production
       OEM factory in Taiwan.
4.    Cooperated with more than 20,000 stores in Taiwan.
2010 Expanded factory – combination of raw material production:
1.    Cutting factory / High frequency plastic welder / filling machine
       / sealing machine production line combination.
2.    Setting up the body warmer production line, and also produce the OEM products.
2009 Expanded factory – set up sewing production line for medical sewing and supporter products.
2003-2008 Cooperated with the American body support, European international home health care brand, Japanese international sport brand and Japanese cosmetic brand during these 5 years.
2002 Taiwan Stanch Co. Ltd. established a Dutch branch for European Authorized Representative, and obtain the CE Registration Certificate. Acquired quality medical equipment manufacturing plant GMP Certification.
2001 Taiwan Stanch Co. Ltd. improved the factory management again, and received ISO 9001/ ISO 13485 certifications for the quality management system.
1999 Taiwan Stanch Co. Ltd. obtained US FDA registration, and became the first Asia factory cooperated with the biggest US child’s products selling to US medical market. 
1998 Taiwan Stanch Co. Ltd. joined Taiwan Medical and Biotech Industry Association.
1997 Taiwan Stanch Co. Ltd. joined Latin American Business Council, and developed Latin America market.
1991 Promoted R&R to the countries of Asia and Middle East.
1990 Established a new health care brand, R&R, and marketed it worldwide. R&R: Rest & Relaxation, is also the brand spirit of consumer medical products.
1989 Ms. Grace Wang succeeded Mr. Steve Huang as President.
1985 Became the biggest supplier to hospitals, medical equipment companies and drug stores of Taiwan. Developed export business to more than 20 countries.
1984 Established medicine brand “Laitest”, selling disposable hygienic products and  cleansing solution products to hospitals and clinics.
1979 R&R Medical Company Limited. acquired licenses in manufacturing cosmetic and medical equipment, and successfully developed “consumer health care production lines”.
1977 Appointed as the sole distributor in Asia for Laerdal, a well-known Norwegian company specializing in emergency medical equipment.
1977 Participated for the first time in Singapore’s international medical products exhibitions, promoting Taiwan’s medical products manufacturers’ international recognition
1976 Founded Taiwan Stanch Company Limited, selling medical equipment and home health care products, as well as developing export markets.
1975 Invented the first gel pack in Asia, and the ice pillow became a well-known home health care product.
1974 Successfully transformed his business from drug distribution to medical products manufacturing and established R&R Medical Company Limited, focusing on research and development of medical gel technology.
1970-1974 Mr. Steve Huang, founding president, developed chain drugstores in Tawian, such as Wei An Pharmacy, Wei Kao Pharmacy and Guo Rong Pharmacy.